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matport.jpg (20210 bytes)   Portrait of Matador  2040. Portrait of Matador; Color lithograph signed and numbered in pencil; Signed in the old style on the piece and it says "epreuve artiste" (Artists Proof) lower left corner. Rare old piece.  Image size 25.5" X 19.5"  unframed. 
matador.jpg (19822 bytes)   Matador  2040a. Matador; Color lithograph signed and numbered in pencil  123/275. Nice piece with bright colors. Image size 12" X 18.5"  unframed.
alvar1.jpg (16804 bytes)   Miracle Quotidiana   2041.  Miracle Quotidiana 1975; Color lithograph signed and numbered in pencil edition 112/225. Image size 29 X 21.5  Framed in older metal but serviceable frame.
alvar.jpg (14645 bytes)   Still Life   2043.  Still Life; Original Lithograph signed and numbered in pencil. Edition 29/150 .  Image size 26" X 21". Full margins. Framed in old but serviceable frame
alvarfce.jpg (21194 bytes)   Girl with a Dove 2042.  Girl with a Dove, embossed color lithograph, signed in pencil, from the numbered edition 90, sheet 37 x 26 oo

Lithographs by Sunol Alvar

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